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Daniel Featured in "Exceptional Youth" Exhibit

This news does not relate directly to a Harry Potter book or movie, but I feel it deserves to be posted here because it concerns a very special person in the HP universe: namely Harry Potter's alter ego, actor Daniel Radcliffe. According to an article in The Guardian, Daniel will be featured in an exhibition entitled "Exceptional Youth: Photographs by Emma Hardy" scheduled to open at London’s National Portrait Gallery at the end of October. The exhibition is all about "inspiring young Britons" under the age of 21.

"From musicians and models to campaigners and footballers, they're the face of Britain's future."

Daniel Radcliffe, 16 [at time of interview]
Chosen at 11 to play Harry Potter, he is now making the fifth film in the series. He has appeared as 'himself' in Extras and next year is to star in the ITV drama My Boy Jack, in the film December Boys and on stage in Equus.

I'm still not really aware of how big Harry Potter is. When you're in the middle of something, it's hard to be objective. Funny things have happened, though, and I do have to avoid confined spaces such as the underground. Recently we went to the science museum in Valencia. I was really excited to be checking it out, but I hadn't factored in the school parties, who got a little overexcited.

I would hate to be accused of having got through life just by luck - I think you do create your own destiny. My mum and dad believe in fate. I see coincidences, but not a predestined path. If it's just about fate, then you become complacent and expect things to come your way. I like being challenged. Even when you're doing really intense, dramatic scenes that take so much out of you, it's still really fun and energising. Acting makes you feel so alive.

Committing to such a big film project has involved sacrifices. I miss out on some of the more spontaneous moments in life. But I have a great bunch of friends and an amazing relationship with my parents, and I feel lucky to have worked with so much talent. It sounds a bit gushy, I know, but to have performed with the likes of Imelda Staunton, Gary Oldman and Michael Gambon is nothing less than magical.

To read the entire article published in The Guardian, please click here.

As of October 30th, you will also be able to visit the exhibit's official website.

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Photo: Emma Hardy
Interview: Jenny Dyson

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