Saturday, October 07, 2006

More from Black Park.
See the full gallery of October 2006 Black Park location shoot images.
Thanks to Chris, Josh and Anna for all of these.
Anna is still totally overwhelmed at being just feet away from Daniel, Emma, Tom and the rest of the guys during the visit.
Anna is a huge Draco (Tom) fan and reports he was looking totally awesome on his way to set in a 'lovely black jumper and had a huge smile' as he past on his way to set.
'All the actors, Director and the hundreds of crew were being driven from their base in the entrance of Black Park to a point just short of the set by mini-buses (no-one wants to get the Mercedes or Lexus dirty eh ;-)) (actually, not much would fit on the track) and then they were taking the short walk to set through specially set pathway and through a gate. 'It was absolutely wonderful to be standing there with small floodlights illuminating the ground but with just enough to light to make everyone visible enough knowing the actors would be coming past any second'. 'The hairs on the back of my neck really were standing up and I wish I could have taken some photos to show you all but I was politely asked by the Security man not to, so I had to stop myself'
When Daniel, Emma and Tom did come past I must confess to being lost for words but it really was enough in the end to hear them all say hi. Daniel in the middle of the small crowd and some HUGE Security guys was being ushered through as fast as possible. Emma just looked as gorgeous as always.
Perhaps and hopefully because of not taking pictures or trying to get in anyone's way one of the crew and the great Security guy came and gave us all an original digitally signed picture of Harry, Ron and Hermione which was just about absolutely perfect. I would have loved to have got Tom's signature but there's always another time I hope'...

Thanks Anna for this and don't forget everyone we will have for you soon a full report of the scene's filmed and more from Black Park soon.


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