Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yet Another New Pic
This one, is of Evanna Lynch (playing Lovegood), and looks like her in the secret Dark Arts class taught by Harry; and is brought to us by Moviefone. They had the following to say about it:
Hey Potterheads, your old pal Tommy here with a little treat for you on this fine Tuesday morning. As you can see above, we've scored the exclusive first look at the beautifully named Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) from Warner Bros.' upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Luna is known to her classmates as "Looney," thanks in no small part to her predilection for tucking her wand behind her ear, wearing huge turnip earrings and a necklace made of butterbeer corks, vehemently defending the ridiculous stories her father prints in 'The Quibbler,' and generally acting strange. Of course, this means she's destined to become a valued member of the Harry, Hermione and Ron Club.
****Food for thought****
You know, while I'm sure the newest editions to the HP movie cast will undoubtably be a great thing; looking at the images given to us on both Lovegood as well as Umbridge, leaves me desperately hoping at the same time that the newest director has the same ideas and keeps to the book as much as possible.:/
Does anyone else think that the terrible Proffessor Umbridge, which went on to become the bain of near all Hogwarts students just doesn't look right??


Felipe said...

I think she looks great... Of course she'd be Perfect if she was chubbier and shorter.

Anonymous said...

Give her a chance.. I think this actress is able to perform a nasty malevolent and thick headed Umbridge, though on the photo's she looks to nice and to pink to the part. But don't forget that Jk describes Umbridge at first as a kind of a girlie fluffy woman, who tends to hide her horrible characterfaults behind a sugarsweet exterior.

Anonymous said...

Well, to me, Luna doesn't stand out enough. She looks like a million other average girls her age.
However, as the other poster said, perhaps she (in this case, both) can pull it off. I was worried in the last film about how corny Moody's eye looked in the photos. But BG was so spectacular, who noticed!? ;)

3polarbearz said...

As long as she acts as evil as her fictional counterpart, it should be OK. Her look is not quite toadlike enough though, as JK described her.

PD Budd said...

I was more disappointed in the Luna Lovegood look than Umbridge.
I think it is silly to give Umbridge that poofy hair and not ribbons. How hard could it be to get it right?
But Luna just looks like her hair is a bit messy... not at all the character in the book who was very eccentric.