Saturday, August 05, 2006

New images from OoTP from Leavesden

Thanks Kaye for the tip on filming yesterday and the excellent, daring shots outside WB Harry Potter HQ in Hertfordshire, England - way to go!
She was able to grab some great shots, and gave HP4U some of them.
Here's one of Harry and Dudley in action, running, perhaps playing football? and also images of the play slide no doubt being used as part of the park set before the Dementor attack.
--Personally, I think it's from when they were running right before going into the alleyway where the dementors go at them.

All images in the Gallery HERE

**Also. Many thanks for the other sites who showed and shared our images and report from our last set visit. It's nice to see a little unity for the fans (as that's the whole purpose we do this).;)
However, do to another HP fansite that swiped our photos, and never bothered to give credit, we will now be stamping all our pics. It's really quite annoying, and appaulogize for having to slap marks all over the pics; but it seems neccessary apparently.

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