Thursday, August 03, 2006

Order of the Phoenix Filming
For those of you who live in the area and read the heads up, hope you got to catch some of the filming that was happening today.
For those that didn't, here's a little to ease the pain. ;)
A fan who'd read here that they were filming wrote in with pics of the occassion.

Fan's HP5 Location report AND pics....
Thanks guy's for the great day!
After an early start (up at 6am) arriving 7am to Virginia Water we (my Sister and I) couldn't believe our luck when we saw so much activity around the lake and car park. Filming it seemed was brought forward, following several disputes with the 'weather' which lets face it is typical for England.
The action kicked off straightaway on the walk down to the film set at around 7.15 with endless cars, vans and buses all taking the cast and crew to begin the days shoot; so many of them. More than 150 extra's were used for this once scene only (which ill get to in a sec...)
After furiously disagreeing who was there and trying desperately to grab some photos, we realised that all the main cast were in fact doubles setting up the scene's.
Having never been to a film set it was great to understand just how much work goes into each frame of film, lighting, sound, scenery, triple shots, so many things to get right.
The crowds begun to gather on a grass hill not far from where the action was at maybe 10am, so, after we had walked for miles around a wonderful lake we picked our spot and settled to watch a little something - we thought!
First a MPV with blacked out windows arrived with Dame Maggie Smith, then we had Draco, Crabbe, Goyle all arrive together ready for filming, it was awesome!

There were two scenes being filmed today, both come at the end of HP5. First was the recovery of Professor McGonagall after her incident with the Death Eaters outside Hagrids hut; also following the attack at the Ministry and Hogwarts.
Professor McGonagall is resting in her chair, reading the headline 'He who must not be named returns' in her Daily Prophet whilst speaking to Hagrid (today it was Martin Bayford) standing in for Hagrid who is such a giant of a man.
We couldn't hear the dialogue but he was obviously comforting her after being hit by so many hexes. Dame Maggie Smith looked absolutely wonderful and the new robes, worn by both Teachers and Students are great.
At the same time this scene was being shot, from both front and rear (with the camera rising up to Hagrids chest only) the Slytherins were being filmed talking about the aftermath of Voldemorts return with Draco of course the centre of attention; declaring his Father and other Deatheaters would no doubt now win the battle!
Despite the scenes being filmed over and over again you couldn't wait to watch, it was such good fun.
During filming we also saw David Heyman the producer riding his bike to and from the set and also later on signing books for some boys and chatting - if only we'd remembered to bring OUR books as they were waiting to get them signed too once the Slytherins had finished their break.

A great day and if you get the chance to watch some filming TAKE IT ! its a long day but well worth it....

Thanks Katy for the pictures and report.
For pics that were taken at the set, click on the following link:
Virginia Water


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that McGonagall was attacked by death eaters? I'm pretty sure that she was hit with spells by the dark wizard catchers, who were with Umbridge when she tried to arrest Hagrid during the night.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought so too when I posted the report. But as it's not my report, it would rude of me to have changed it.;) I think it's probably just a mistake made in the excitement of it all.

Sherry said...

Thanks for passing on this scoop. As for the situation with McGonegall, who knows how they'll do it in the film, eh?

Anonymous said...

"the new robes, worn by both Teachers and Students are great"
I didn't know they were redesigning the robes again for this year. I wonder what they're like.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just a correction, its actually Martin Bayfield, not Bayford. (he's an ex-england rugby international) I can see up there you say its not your report, just thought I'd let you know ;)

Anonymous said...

I wait until HP5 movie comes out.

Zephyr said...

Pro. McGonagall was supposed to be attacked by Umbridge and her gangs.....

Anonymous said...
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Nabilah said...

yeah, well... not everything that happen in the movie is as same as the one in the book... we just have to wait for the movie to come out rite?? =P

Anonymous said...

I think movie is going to be different from the book and i am waiting for it breathiessiy.