Thursday, May 11, 2006

More Paper, Ms. Rowling?

Showing off her keen sense of fun, author J.K. Rowling warned fans in the diary section of her
official website to "Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!"

Since the author complained recently about the lack of writing paper to be found in Edinburgh, she has apparently been 'deluged' with offerings from both fans and merchants eager to help her with her problem.

"Some of you sent single sheets," J.K. wrote, "others entire pads, one enterprising paper merchants sent a large stack of notebooks embossed boldly with J K ROWLING, which I might not use in public, but which are very lovely all the same. Others took a different approach, telling me exactly where you can buy writing paper in Edinburgh." The author then added "I've now got enough paper to write several book sevens, so no excuse there."

Rowling also wrote that she's "been having house-elf trouble this week."

Perhaps Dobby has a new job?

Source: Wizard News

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