Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mike Newell in Bulgaria

Mike Newell and Stanislav Ianevski were both present at the Bulgarian Premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Mike Newell was also interviewed by the Sofia News Agency about his experience directing a Harry Potter movie. He was asked questions about how the previous movies (directed by Christopher Columbus and Alfonso Cuaron) and the book influenced him... if at all.


Q: How many times did you watch the other three Harry Potter movies in order to prepare?

A: I watched the first film a lot. I watched the second film very little. I watched the third film not very much, but it went in a lot because it's very different from the first two.

Q: How many times did you read the books?

A: I read the books but I didn't read them obsessively because if what you do is to read the novels again and again and again and again, then all you do is to reproduce the book. And I wasn't doing the book, I was doing the movie. So I wanted to be very careful not to get so obsessed by the books that I couldn't make the film.

He also talks about how Stan really brought the character of Victor Krum to life. He could not have chosen a better actor for the part!

You can read the ful article by clicking on the link below.

Mike Newell, Stan is the Real Thing

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