Friday, May 13, 2005

HBP News Reporter
Ever want to meet Rowling, attend a small reading by the author, then ask questions that you're dying to know?? Then this could be important to you! Rowling will be doing a reading (the first) for her upcoming book, The Half-Blood Prince, on Saturday 16th July. It will be at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, and in attendence will be 70 (Bloomsbury says 50, Rowling says 70) young reporters. Included in those, will be Melissa from TLC; who was lucky enough to be personally invited by Rowling over the phone. Congradulations on that Mellisa! ;) Read HERE for that info.
The ages to be a young reporter at her reading will be from 8-16. There might be different contests to become one of these reporters, but the first to go up, is at If you're interested in entering, then please go HERE. And be sure to keep your eyes out in your local papers as well.
Ok! So first there's the reading, then each attendee will recieve a signed copy of the new book. After that you'll be allowed to read it in a newly appointed 'reading room' within the castle. The following day, July 17th, winners will attend the Children's Press Conference, to question JK Rowling about the new book.
So! In order to enter Bloomsburys' competition, you have to do a writing piece. It's to start: "I'm the biggest fan of the Harry Potter books because…" and be in 50 words or less.
Newspapers are said to be running competitions from the 14th of May and on, to choose their own star reporters to represent them; as well as bookstores and libraries.
So be sure to look out for chances to get in on this exciting contest!!

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