Friday, May 13, 2005

Updates at Rowling's site
Marking the one year anniversary of her website, some new information and tidbits have been put up at her site.
Be sure to go to the FAQs section, where things from the use of Veritaserum, the workings of the Mauraders' Map, and the line of Pure Bloods (a subject that is 'touched upon' in the upcoming book The Half-Blood Prince) are the newest bits she put up.
Also! TLC, was just awarded the Fan Site of the month (bout time too)!
Many congradulations goes to their site and team of hard workers. ;)
And lastly at the site, is the 'update', that no, Luna is NOT Severus Snapes' daughter. Just in case, for any of those who might've dreamed up that odd non-connection. :/
Be sure to stop by her site to check it all out!

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