Friday, November 26, 2004

Devon speaks on the Lake scene
Devon updates his diary/blog, comments on the filming of GoF.
Here's what he had to say on his site about it:

Events on November, 26th 2004!

Hi Guys Hi guys, Sorry if you thought that my last update was a bit hard.I am not angry with anyone & neither should any of you be either.There just have to be rules or else I will never get time to do anything else but edit messages. Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, letters & presents. I was actually working on my Birthday but still managed to have a good time with friends on set as well as at home at the weekend.My parents gave me a surprise present at the studio - A set of golf clubs - I'm not very good at the game yet but Rupert, James & Oliver gave me some tips & they are all good golfers. I plan on having some lessons a.s.a.p. when I get some free time. Anyway, since I last updated we have all been very busy working. We have also been doing dance rehearsals for the Yule Ball.I am really enjoying the dancing & my dance partner,"Arielle" is a great dancer & a really nice girl.She is also one of the Beauxbaton girls in the film. We had the D.V.D. launch last Thursday for "Prisoner of Azkaban". It was fun meeting up with cast on a social level & also meeting Alphonso again. I hope that everyone there had a good time because the whole building was dressed as different parts of Hogwart & Hogsmeade & looked great. This week past we were filming some finishing touches to the"black lake" scenees & that was good fun too. When I go back over after the weekend I will be working right up to Christmas so please bear with me & I will try to update as much as I can. I have tried to upload some photos on the website but messed up.My admin has sorted it out for now & I'll try again.(wish me luck). O.K. gotta go for now, Your friend, Devon.

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