Sunday, November 28, 2004

News Flash!!
Ha! Anyhow, to any HP4U readers, I just wanted to give a little update on the whys to as why we here at HP4U do not, and Will not put up any information about 'release dates' of the next coming Harry Potter book.
The reasoning why? Cause there isn't a ONE person out there (including Mrs. Rowling) who knows When the book will be finished. :D
To say different, is mere speculation, and rising the hopes of everyone over the books' release. No publishers know the date.
No book stores know the date, and the Lawyers and WB, and any other grand people know the date of its' release. Why?
Perhaps because she's not done Writing the book yet. And she's not quite sure when it will be ready.
Now, I'm sure everyone about is going crazy hoping desperately for any information on the upcoming book. I know I am.
But IF and WHEN the information comes out? The only place you can count on to be accurate for a release date, will be Rowlings' site itself. She has told us, that if it's related to her or her books, the only place that you can be sure it's not rumor, is if it's at her site. She's even had to create the one section to dispell the many, Many ridiculous rumors that are printed about her and/or her characters/and books.
SO! Once Mrs. Rowling puts it out on her site, the date her sixth book will come out, we will be sure to put it in here.
Ok! Sorry on the rambling. I just wanted all to know we're not 'missing' something in not reporting all this crap about some
'NEW' source giving info on the date. It's just all gibberish.
To keep an eye out for yourself on the TRUTH of the world of HP, please be sure to check out J.K. Rowling's Site

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