Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another update, this from Tom Felton
Today seems to be the day, so keep an eye out for Devon's as well. ;)
Tom had this to say on his online Blog:

22th October 2004
Fishing Stateside
Hi! Sorry for the delay in writing a new blog but I have been away in the USA where I did some fishing. I couldn't make it there in the summer like I usually do because of the filming so we managed to get some time with my brother Chris and go and catch us some cracking carp! Didn't get a personal best ( known as P.B. in the fishing world!) but Chris did with a 36lb 14oz real beauty common carp. Such a lovely fish. The weather was getting colder in New York State and we were just sleeping in tents which got pretty cold at night. One night, we had a skunk in the tent and we were really lucky not to have got sprayed!! It was pretty mad being caught there but we weren't exactly overjoyed at it eating our bait! But that's country life for you!
Had a bummer journey back. Our British Airways night flight got cancelled and they stuck us on a Air Canage one but we didn't get our luggage for 2 days! I hate night flying and the food is always disgusting. Can't believe how rude some air hostesses can be - one in particular was awful to me on the way out - just coz I was a kid seemed to give her the right to be so rude. I bet she wouldn't have been so rude if I'd been some fancy businessman in a suit.
Anyway on to nicer things. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who sent me cards and presents on my birthday - I am trying to answer everyone who sent a present but it may take a long time. I can't believe so many people spend such a long time making such lovely letters and cards just for me. I'm sure I don't deserve them but it's really nice to get them. I've been sent some lovely artwork again so I'm going to put that on the site soon.
I've been doing as much driving as I can which is difficult with work. There's a new picture of me coming back from a lesson which was last night. I can't believe you can drive so young in the USA - that's so cool. Hope you are all ok and that you have nice things in your life.
Love Tom x

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