Thursday, October 21, 2004

Betting on Potter?
You heard it right! There seems to be a need to lay out the bets on who's the next to die in Rowling's sixth book.
According to The Sun, internet firm Blue Square has reported a flood of bets on Harry's love interest on Wednesday night.
This was also written:
"It's very odd. Even the betting pattern has been a bit mysterious.A lot of people have opened accounts in the middle of the night and placed their first-ever bets on Cho Chang being killed off.This suggests they at least think they know something," Blue Square spokesman Ed Pownall was quoted as saying.
"The maximum punt for this kind of bet is #100 and we've had a few of them as well as several of 50 pounds.This has forced us to cut the odds on Cho by more than half from 8-1 to 3-1. But much more money for young Cho and it looks like she could be hanging up her wand forever," he added.
However, a spokesman for Rowling who had revealed her death plot in a website chat , has called the Cho rumours "pure speculation".
"Only JK knows what's in the book she is currently writing.Until it's finished and edited, no one can be sure what happens," he said.(ANI)

** Ok, Just on an off note? This web-loving reporter happens to think it'd be absolutely useless to kill of Cho Chang. Why? Because Harry isn't in love with her by the end of the fifth book. So like that'd be an 'end all' shocker to/for him.
Just my thoughts anyhow. ;)

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