Wednesday, October 20, 2004

An update at Jamies' site diary
Jamie Waylett is so sweet to constantly keep us updated on the goings on in both his personal life as well as the filming of The Goblet of Fire. With all that they do daily, and he still finds time to post to all his fans. Thanks Jamie!
This is what he's got to say for today in his online diary:

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Started a new scene today but still filming in the Great Hall all this weekIts so hot in the hall with all the lights and the fires, but filming is still fun.Not much news to give you at the moment, so I thought I would answer a few emails here on the blog.1/ Dan Radcliffe is NOT going out with Emma Watson....or anybody else at the studio!2/ To my knowledge, none of the cast go on any "chat rooms".....So do not believe anybody when they say they are Dan, Emma, Rupert, Tom, me or any other of the cast!3/ Nobody has been hit by a falling light and taken to hospital!4/ There have not been any big arguments between the cast members!5/ None of us can get you a part in the films....Warners use casting agents for everyone, including extras!6/ None of the cast are "Stuck up" or "Up themselves".....we all get along really well ( honest).7/ Yes, we all know that we are VERY LUCKY to have been chosen to be in the films.8/ Yes, there are lots and lots of fake "signed" photo's and posters on Ebay, some of them are very bad fakes indeed, before you buy one, try to find an original autograph on a Harry Potter fan site and compare it.9/ Yes, I do have UK size 13 (USA 14) feet ;-)10/ Yes, my mum still tells me what to do and "tells me off" if I do anything wrong :-)

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