Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another fan living the dream
Nine year-old Arrun, of Chesham Bois, has been on a two day film shoot at a secret location as an extra on the set of the forthcoming Harry Potter movie.
Arrun, son of Chiltern district councillor Mimi, stars as a Bulgerian supporter at the world quidditch match.
He had this to say on it: "I am the one in the green dress with patterns on it wearing a square hat with purple bands right at the front of the crowd."
"The best thing about it was seeing the actors and actresses in the flesh", he added.
"The only people I didn't see were the evil students and professors but I saw Emma Watson (Hermione) and I think she's hot and I waved to Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) as he was leaving his tutorial class."
Courtesy of Local London

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