Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Has WB and Leavesden found their 'Ugly Sisters'?
The popular Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, has been making a name for themselves the world over, and it seems that the Other big lights are calling them now as well. reports that they've been approached by the powers that be for the coming HP film. This is what the frontman had to say on it:
"We've been asked to write some music for [the upcoming 'Harry Potter' film]," singer Alex Kapranos said. "There's a section where there's a band of ugly sisters playing and I think, well ... some members of Franz Ferdinand may be the ugly sisters in the band," he noted coyly.
Although Kapranos stressed that the project is still being negotiated, he said it's one he would love to do. "There's an excitement and innocence about those films. I like how there's good and evil, and that's a clarity which is quite refreshing."
Here's a look of who we might be seeing. ;)

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