Saturday, August 21, 2004

GoF script ins and outs
Mugglenet has received another report. This time from someone who says they have gotten information on the upcoming Goblet of Fire movie/script. This is what was written:

I used to work with a movie review site, and still get reports from some people who think I still do work there. Nowadays I don't use them, but this one I thought I would pass onto you. It contains MAJOR SPOILERS on the upcoming GOF film. My contact got about a half hour alone with a script while doing some work connected with the film. She didn't get to read it through and through, obviously, but got to do a good look of what's in and what's not. Here's a breakdown: (BEGIN SPOILERS) What's been cut: the SPEW storyline altogether, opening scene with the Dursleys, the Hogwarts express (there are shots of it, but nothing in the train,) and the wand weighing. What's still in: Creepy opening scene with Voldemort, Wormtail and Nagini. The Dark Mark scene, the "Potter Stinks" bit, the skrewts, the horntail challenge, the merpeople challenge (should be very cool!) The final challenge, although the spider may NOT be in it. (My source didn't remember seeing it.) The Sphinx is in. So is Dobby and Winky, the Portkeys, Crouch freaking out, the Pensieve scene and Cedric's end. Things that are drastically cut: Yule Ball, Quidditch World Cup, Rita Skeeter stuff (she's in it, but not as much as the book,) Harry stressing over the egg clue, Snape scenes (he's not in it much,) Hagrid & Maxine love story (it's there, but just reduced to a few brief moments for humor,) Dumbledore's humor (again... they never get him right!) Note on the ending: they manage to get it all pretty much in, which is surprising given what's going on. END SPOILERS. I have to tell you, I was disappointed when I heard they cut this from two movies to one, but it sounds like they really pulled it off. The second challenge really acts as a mid-movie action sequence that should blow the doors off of a lot of what we've seen so far in the films. The final challenge also sounds amazing, and the ending should be really creepy. I know they say this with every movie, but this one could be really eerie (not just "dark") because of the very evil Voldemort scenes. Not sure what the young ones will think of it. This stands to do justice to the book, and be the best movie of the series! (And after Cuaron's work, that's saying something!)
Mugglenet did not either confirm or deny that this piece written was authentic or not.

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