Sunday, August 22, 2004

A special report by Chris (age 11) & Josh (age 9).

We met JK Rowling on Sunday the 15th August..........and we still cant believe it!

Here's another lovely report, just sent in and written for HP4U, by 2 more fans of the great lady herself.

It was sooooo cool that we just have to show off and brag about it im afraid (sorry). Not only is JK Rowling the best Author EVER !!, but she is such a nice lady. It was so nice to get to meet her, shake her hand, say thanks for writing such brilliant stories AND have all our things signed!
We got there late, about an hour, which was really sad because we missed the book reading, but once we were inside it was awesome. JK Rowling even asked to see us last because she had been told about all the problems my Dad had had with his car (the engine blew up!) before we got to Edinburgh and said she would spend an extra 5 minutes with us at the end! - WOW, We think not that she would have even spent longer but we just didnt know what to ask her - all the questions got muddled up!
The ladies that helped get us to the book festival were really nice too, we were taken through to where JK Rowling was, given our wristbands, then we went to meet her. We said hello and she told us 'she was really glad we could make it'. I told her I was really glad to be there and her books were the best, I said I wish I could have asked her a question and so she told me to 'go on then, ask away!'.
I asked JK Rowling would Professor Lockhart get out of St Mungos, get his memory back and be in any of the next books?, she said no to all of these questions.
I also asked when Harries parents were killed by Voldermort, Wormtail turned into a rat and pretended to be dead. How then did he give Voldermort his wand and robe back once he found him and helped give him back his body ?, she told me (after tapping her nose!) 'he hid them'.
I wish I could have asked her lots of questions but these were the only ones I could think of at the time.
We also had our books signed, one of them is really special because its been signed by everyone that was in Prisoner of Azkaban like Daniel and Emma and now by JK Rowling too, I'm going to put it away forever. I also had some other really special things signed. When we left we were stopped by lots of people asking to buy our bags that we were given to put all our books in too!. We were also told that some fans and invitation holders to the event didnt get to be there as their train from Glasgow to Edinburgh broke down?
Hope you like my report.

JK Rowling is just so nice, she wrote in my book 'To Joshua, I'm so glad you were able to get here, lots of love JK Rowling', it is so special to me, I will never sell it. My Dad says that its a rare book anyway and now its irreplaceable so I am going to look after it carefully forever.

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