Friday, August 20, 2004

GoF set report
This was just given to Mugglenet, a report from someone who's been on the latest GoF set.
We cannot prove that she was actually there, but as this is the scene they're currently shooting, and until now wasn't in the news; we feel it to be authentic.
She wrote this in:
I visited the set at Leavesden Studios today with my mum and dad. We saw them filming some of the scene at the MOM where Harry goes into the Pensieve and sees the trial of Crouch Jnr. and Karkaroff. After speaking to a few people it turns out all of the Dursleys and most of the Quidditch World Cup have been cut this is because it's a very long book and so consequently a long script (about 2 hours at the moment). All of the Diagon Alley set (inc. Honeydukes) has gone, possibly into storage, so didn't get to see that but the room in which the trial takes place is amazing. It isn't very big and it's round with gold medieval painted walls and a cage for Crouch Jnr. and Karkaroff in the middle. Another thing which was pretty cool to see was Dan Radcliffe hanging around off set playing his guitar!!!

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