Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Evanna Lynch Interview
Harry Potter Fan Zone was able to interview Evanna Lynch on their set visit last year and they have now posted their interview.  She talks about being a fan of the books, Deathly Hallows and more.
Question: I’m curious if you could talk a little bit about when you first got the seventh book. Where were you? What was your reaction to reading it? Lynch: Yeah, I was invited to J.K. Rowling’s big thing in the History Museum in London. I went all dressed up and everything as usual and didn’t get recognised. Lucky. And, yeah, I read it in my hotel really quickly. My reaction, yeah, I was a bit overwhelmed. You know when you’re a fan you want to take it all in but you feel guilty when you put the book down because it’s like, “there’s stuff I don’t know in there”. I read it in a rush and sort of cried for ages after.
Question: You also play a prisoner in this film, could you talk a little about filming those scenes and how intense are they?
Lynch: Yeah, it was with John Hurt, who plays Ollivander. It’s a really spooky place because the ceilings are so low. Oh, and he has to be sort of frail and everything. And Harry comes down and then there’s Bellatrix torturing Hermione – you can hear the screams. You just get the feeling like, “how can you get out of here?”, and none of them have their wands. Yeah, it’s horrible.
Question: Is Luna much different in these two films than she has been in the past couple or is she sort of still the same?
Lynch: She’s always going to be the same [laughs]. Yeah she doesn’t change, that’s the thing about her, she knows herself so well. Most of them, they go through all these stages, where they’re like battling with themselves, but she’s so happy with herself that I think the only thing that changes is her surroundings. She has her friends this time and it makes her happier but it doesn’t really change her.

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