Thursday, October 07, 2010

In a new interview with the Scotsman, David Thewlis briefly discusses the Harry Potter series and Daniel Radcliffe.  David plays our favorite werewolf, Remus Lupin in the Potter films.
With Harry Potter the schedule couldn’t have been more different, he says; there it was mainly waiting around, sometimes for weeks. “I once got flown back from America for two days just to wait around and then got flown back again,” he says. “The thing about Harry Potter is it’s great fun because of the people – I was usually with Julie Walters and Mark Williams, Brendan Gleeson, Robbie Coltrane and the kids.
Wonderful, funny, amazing people. If you’re going to hang around on a set bored, you might as well do it with Julie Walters.”
Thewlis seems genuinely happy to have been mixing with muggles. As far as he’s concerned Harry Potter is a cinematic phenomenon, a one-off. “It’ll never happen again. You’ll never have three child actors going through adolescence just working on that one film, which is such a success. It’s been seven years in story time, 10 or 11 years in film time. Dan (Daniel Radcliffe] was only ten when he started and he’s about 22 now.”
I tell him I can imagine nothing worse than those years being committed to film. He laughs. “I know, but he’s remained totally sane. Not only sane but lovely and amazing. He’s a gorgeous guy, very articulate, very level-headed and funny. He’s never anything but really good company. He’s grown up into a beautiful young man and he could be a pain in the arse. I love him.”

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