Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Help Tilly!

Come on all you like minded, serious Potter collector's! You have the chance to not only help a young girl's Parents raise vital funds for her, but YOU can be the owner of a unique signed contribution by your favourite Author JK Rowling.
We ourselves are bidding, so get your cards out, leave your signed book collections for a while and BID!! :-) (and the best of luck to you if you do!)

If you missed the news first time around then here is a section from the auction listing which is currently being offered via eBay and written by Tilly's Father, Adam:

'We would like to ask you to please join in and help us raise well needed funds for our daughter Tilly. Our little girl became ill at the age of 15 months old to the terrifying Meningitis Septicaemia (Meningococcal Septicaemia Strain B). We were told that Tilly was so ill that she was probably going to die – a parent’s worst nightmare! I felt so helpless, so scared of losing Tilly, but she fought and she fought and after 10 blood transfusions she showed signs that she was fighting this horrific disease. Thankyou Tilly for being so strong you are such a brave and inspiring little girl!
We were overjoyed that Tilly had survived and any complications we would overcome in time. Tilly’s body was extremely damaged. Her hands and toes had already died and needed to be amputated. What do you do with your hands? The answer is pretty much everything. The night before Tilly had her hands amputated I held her little black hard dead hands in mine and promised Tilly that ‘mummy would buy her some new hands and do whatever it takes to give her a fulfilling and happy life. This is my promise to Tilly.
We have been asking celebrities since that day to donate a handprint to auction to help me keep my promise. This is where you can help! Please bid kindly under the circumstances and every penny goes into a fund for Tilly. Tilly’s hands cost £23,464.00 a pair and have to be replaced as she grows! Please help us!

To view and bid on any of the items being auctioned, including those from Robbie Coltrane and JK Rowling to name just two, visit eBay here. PLEASE Bid sensibly and only with what you can afford!

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