Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, more like, this turned out to be TOO STUPID.:/ Sorry all, we originally got this story from the site HPANA. But, took it down much to the many requests of Geri. It appeared it they were having some, technical difficulties over there, so! Sorry guys. It was actually (and originally) all 35 Chapter titles to the book, The Deathly Hallows. But by now, surely everyone can read them for themselves.;)
Hurray to Jo Rowling, for giving us many years, and seven books of GREAT entertainment!!
Also, for bringing reading, back into style.


Anonymous said...

Why would Scholastic give them the titles? All of them? considering their anti-spoiler-policy it seems odd.

Anonymous said...

is this for real?

Anonymous said...

hey there! As for is it real? The oddest thing happened. I guess I was just REALLY lucky, and was at HPANA when she posted the message. However, it didn't stay up more than two whole minutes! But, I'd already copy/pasted. So? Is it real? Since I know the person who posted it, and trust HPANA, I consider it the truth 100%!
And, it sounds right, with what I know of the book myself. We'll know for Sure Sat!

Anonymous said...

There we go! They just put it up again now.;) So? As I said, I definitely trust them. So I believe it totally. Only a few days left!:D
And I am SO glad that I read the Epilogue fore Bloomsbury and WB could get it off line everywhere.
I'm 34, and patience has never been one of my finer points!
Good luck with the Tension everyone!!

Gillian said...

What's up with this? I saw the list both at HPANA as well as here.So then it is real right?Why take it down

Blair said...

What the hell did I miss?