Monday, July 16, 2007

Another New Contest
This one is being put out by JKR's Army. We're proud to be an affiliate with JKR's Army, and therefore are pointing any readers their way. It's an easy contest, and the prizes are fun! And if you should like, there is a scrap album that is being sent to Mrs. Rowling after the contest. So you have a chance to have some words sent to her as well.
For those that don't know, JKR's Army is a site that was co-founded by our own Sirius from HP4U, and carried on by Majorie in order to help fans from buying fake items online by our dearest author.
Be sure to stop by their site to enter in their contest.
JKR's Army Contest

****Also, don't forget to stop by our own contest that's currently up and running! Whose prizes include a Gentle Giant bust, HP computer games, and the latest in cool stuff straight from Order of the Phoenix!! Check it out HERE.

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