Wednesday, February 28, 2007

David Yates: Some Movies Just Too Long

David Yates, director of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, recently made some interesting comments about the length of certain blockbuster movies and their impact on movie-going audiences:

"some of today's big popcorn flicks overwhelm audiences, throwing one-too-many action sequences or visual-effects shots up on the screen. Sometimes they overstay their welcome just by that little, tiny percent. There's a sweet spot for running length where the audience comes out feeling elated, feeling they actually want more. Reaching that sweet spot takes a lot of discipline. You just have to let things go, sometimes. It's amazing how you think you could never live without a scene or a moment, yet frankly, the movie's better off without it."

Yates expects the upcoming Order of the Phoenix movie to be about as long as Harry Potter and
the Goblet of Fire.

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