Sunday, October 22, 2006

I just want to say that there will be news online soon about one of our HP actors, and also that it, as EVERYthing else, should be taken as nothing more than a rumor. This one, a hurtful one. At HP4U, it'd be against our way of doing things to post something so mean. I am VERY deadset against publishing such crap, and think any site that does publish such things, should go down in flames. True (doubtful AND unproven) or not, it's not right to talk about anyone in such a way. We all love the films, and we love the actors. Therefore, why spread malicious things about any of them true or not?
Now IF there is any truth to this mess, we wish the best for him. But no stupid paper is going to make me believe bad things about my favorite actors.

The following edit by Sirius....

8am I was sent this news but as Tyleete has mentioned above to run the story anymore than has already been published is just wrong. No-one should condone the use of drugs and wont, least of all me as I have 2 young Son's, but Jamie is a young guy who it seems has some VERY untrustworthy friends. Anyway, reported in this mornings UK People newspaper (which I wouldn't use as bedding for my Sons rabbit!) is the story on Jamie Waylett, true or not it has NO place on this page, but will be dramatized no doubt in the media or other judge it for yourself. All we at HP4U know is Jamie, on the MANY occasions that we have met him has been the friendliest young star you could hope to find...Get it together Jamie and good luck! It also MUST be emphasised before the rest of the worlds media swoop on him and WB for comments, the latter who will be shocked at the news....Jamie will need all the support he can get, understanding and NOT calls for him to be fired....


Me said...

Funny, but you guys already posted it & then took it down. Bad taste as far as I'm concerned. Should have thought before doing so.

Sirius said...

Fair enough, but only the direct link was removed...still feel the same. Hopefully any other site wont publish either, though it will be in the media no-doubt...never easy reporting these things.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well you know what me said? I thought it was in bad taste that it went up to begin with too. And hence, for a good 10-15 minutes, argued it out with the owner of this site, but as you can see, this is one I'm proud to say I got.
I woke up this morn, got online, and when I saw the post, deleted it. To badmouth or such such things about anyone is terrible. And didn't get to meet him like others at HP4U plenty of times, but I did have many email conversations with him, and I would Never write up such things about someone I dislike, much less someone I do.
So, I didn't write up that bit first. But I did take it down And yes, I DO think poorly of sites, ANY, who write up crap like that. He's probably finding this as amusing as Rowling did when papers and fansites were reporting that she wrote Lockhart after her ex-husband. I'm sorry someone else here wrote that up first, but as long as I'm here and doing this, that kind of junk doesn't belong here. Don't like how I do the news me said? Then feel free to read and TAKE news from somebody else!
Sangyohada Tangshin!
Have a nice day.:D

George said...
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