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Kings Cross, Sunday Sept 3rd
Wonderful! fantastic! Un-real, just a few of the words used to describe the full days filming a few lucky fans experienced on Sunday 3rd Sept, Kings Cross, London....

Just a few words from us before the report:
We were due to bring you two set reports from the day, sadly one of those has had to be scrapped, or shelved at least until 2007 because of some goings on with Warner Brothers and another site we’re told.
Our apologies also for the lack of pictures this time around too and the quality; as with the above we will have more next year. The images posted here are not the best quality in the world but we’re very grateful as I hope you are to see them. They are ALL from the Public area of Kings Cross and would have taken some doing to get….
Remember, if you’re ever lucky enough to get to a film location, respect the Crew’s instructions, Security requirements and you will have a great time…
Thanks – Sirius.

Thanks K for this report and 2 Galleries of pictures.
With the temporary set covering some 3 sections of the Station this was a large scale event. Some of the crew had been there since 11pm the previous evening making preparations and taking care of most of the work required; co-coordinating with Transport Police and the Rail authorities whom a bit of a thank you wouldn't go wrong as without them we couldn't have had these scenes. Kings Cross of course was targeted by Terrorists sadly and will always require high security; which was excellent. Still a bit-unnerving even on Sunday to see Sniffer dogs with handlers walking around…

There were in fact three scenes filmed today; with some additional filler footage using the Hogwarts Express as a backdrop we were told, presumably to add to a scene filmed at Leavesden... Scene one in the morning concentrated on comings and goings in and around the Hogwarts Express. Scene two was filmed in one of the many Kings Cross waiting rooms (the bottom of Platform 1 in this case) and finally the third was a scene on the iron bridge over the top of the tracks, used previously in the Philosophers Stone with Harry and Hagrid we think.
During the morning anyone wishing to take photos of the Hogwarts Express were free to do so from a platform directly alongside the train, provided there was no other train there of course. This opportunity was too much for dozens of fans. Steam billowed out at points from the engine and with the sound of the whistle blowing made for a great atmosphere. The public were snapping shots of their loved one's with the train and occasionally some Hogwarts paraphernalia in the background. It was very easy to see why some scenes need the reality of a location and this environment to capture the whole realism.
As has been mentioned somewhere previously, around Platforms 9 & 10 of Kings Cross there is now a permanent sign reading 'Platform 9 ¾' near the rear entrance of the station with a BR cart in the wall, so if your ever down there be sure to get your picture taken as many people do we're told.

Once all the props, lighting and sound were ready the many crew set about preparing a scene of the students boarding the Hogwarts Express and for this around 40 'extra's' were brought in, each in their Muggle clothes through the station, down platform 4 to the waiting train, along with body and stunt doubles for Dan, Moody, the Weasley's and Tonks, etc....
Throughout the morning the main actors arrived. Although there was relatively few fans at the Station the frenzy soon started with many autographs being sought, pictures taken if possible while the actors were ushered through the Station from the rear entrance to the first set....

It was quite amusing to see fans (including me) scrambling around with camera’s and positions to get pictures of favorite stars, only to realize they were ‘doubles’ when then the real actor walked by and it was too late! Such is the likeness of some of these talented extras and make up artists.
It was also so wonderful to see all the various ‘live’ animals and birds being brought through the station with their trainers. We didn’t see Hedwig or a white Owl but did see quite a few gorgeous Owls in cages being carried to the train. Scabbers and his many ‘doubles’ were also to be seen, with Sirius as his Animagus arriving later in the day.

Although we can’t confirm as yet, we were sure Lucius Malfoy or perhaps his double were on set? Once again speculation from eye witnesses ranged from it being Voldamort to Malfoy Snr. Even so, it would not have been the real actor but a double no-doubt. What we can tell you is the mysterious figure in a black suit (we heard) had a wisp of silver/white hair showing from just underneath the full face covering hood item he wore; obviously to protect his identity while being led down Platform 4 to the train. I felt sure it was Voldemort otherwise why hide his face? But the white hair? In what was rumored to be a change in script it could well be possible that the scene runs according to the original book with the exception of Harry seeing or feeling Voldemort at the Station. Draco certainly was not there so we’ll just have to wait and see what magical surprises Warner Brothers have in store for us!
Sadly all of the action took place for the train shots too far down the platform to see what was going on for the Public; and with the arrival of the Weasley twins and Kingsley Shacklebolt, etc they were well underway for around an hour with Daniel, Emma, Rupert and rest all working when they were required, arriving at separate intervals.

As was the entrance of the Actors into Kings Cross, so too the exit was just as frenzied. For lunch Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the actors were all taken back to their waiting cars one at a time and a few on Mini-buses. Thanks to two wonderful Security members and at Rupert’s behest we saw a few small boys being allowed their books signed near the rear exit and the waiting cars. Autographs are very, very rarely given on location shoots with such tight deadlines but perseverance of the few kids paid off and they were very happy, talking about it no doubt for a long time to come.

Although last time a Harry Potter production used Kings Cross the cast had lunch with some of the Station staff, this time they were off the premises. The majority of the crew however were at the rear of Kings Cross in a large building where Caterers were set up; the main Actors we understand however were at a local Hotel for lunch.
After the various lunch arrangements were taken care of the cast returned for a scene being filmed in Platform one's waiting lounge. We were told this involved Harry, Ron, Hermione and Moody though this we can’t confirm and couldn’t find out anymore, what the scene could be we don’t know. We didn't see the real Mad-Eye Moody but his double was certainly there.
Scene three, the last, longest and probably the most important of the day was filmed on the bridge above the Platforms involving many of the cast and extra’s present. We’re told the scene is set for Harry returning to Hogwarts from Grimmauld place with his escorts and of course Sirius – you all know the scene im sure from the book. If it was Voldemort then who Harry witnesses it’s a marked difference to the original version – we’re all just going to have to let WB do their magic and wait until HP5 is out!

Despite this being a very long day, up at 4am, back home at 9pm it was worth every minute with an added bonus of finding out the UK’s TV show – Good Morning was there also and the following morning they showed some of the action ive just described showing some clips, including an Interview with Rupert Grint which was seen by many of my friends…..


Maria said...

Great! Thank you!

snaped said...

It has to be a Lucius Malfoy double or perhaps Jason Isaacs himself.

Remember in the book where Harry thought it strange that Draco used the word "dogging" and Harry thought Lucius or Draco had seen Sirius in animagus form watching Harry off? Perhaps for our viewing pleasure, we'll actually see Lucius seeing the dog and putting two and two together.

I can't believe nobody else picked up on this point.

Anonymous said...

Umm, people need to remember that Ron and Ruper Grint are two different people. It listed Daniel, Emma, and RON, but it should have been Rupert. I feel bad for him that nobody can remember his real name. But this was really cool news.

Anonymous said...

I think snaped is right, the mystery person is most likely Malfoy!!!!:D
I can't wait to see the movie!!:D


Anonymous said...

Yeah I think it's Lucius, and he weard a hood because he doesn' want them to know he has seen Sirius.

But if it's Voldemort, it can be a a vision Harry has.

Just wait to see the movie.

Anonymous said...

How could Scabbers be there since he "disappears" in book three ?

Anonymous said...

wait wait wait!!!! does anyone has the video from rupert's interview in good morning?? i would just loooove to see that, post it on the main site!!

Cathy said...

Um you said scabbers was there, but scabbers is peter pettigrew and peter is with voldemort so how could scabbers have been there?

I really congradulate you for being really cool and taking those pictures, they were a real uplift for us fans!

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm from poland! Super stronka!! Uwielbiam Harrego Pottera!!

Anonymous said...

Why would Scabbers be on the platform going to Hogwarts again? His identity was fully revealed in Prisoner of A. Certainly ron is NOT taking him to Hogwarts! Are you confused? Were there that many rats, really?

Anonymous said...

The man in the blakc suit was voldemort, if you watch the second trailer you see voldemort on platform 9 3/4, harry must be imagining him everywhere or summat.