Monday, July 24, 2006

Small Bit From ComicCon
A clip was shown from OotP, at the ComicCon in San Diego, California the other day.
It was said to be an update, but nothing at all was given or said about the filming or the actors.
Anyhow, below is what was given on the clip:

Harry Potter made an appearance after this…sort of. A quick video clip of Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) speaking from the set of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was shown. For fans who are interested, his hair appears to be the shortest it’s ever been for this film. Daniel said the movie is going great, and said that he was sure audiences were curious about the kiss Harry Potter receives in the movie. He then went on to say, “Well, the kiss is…”Unfortunately, the director, David Yates, then appeared and started talking about the movie as well. He mentioned that Hagrid’s giant brother Grawp will be in the film, as well as Dolores Umbridge, whom the director described as “a cross between Doris Day and Freddy Krueger.”Yates then addressed the issue of the kiss of the kiss as well, saying “Oh, the kiss? It’s…” A production assistant interrupted and said they were both needed on the set. They quickly said goodbye and left, smiling as they left the audience wondering about that darn kiss.

**Source--Comic Book Resources

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