Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Real News in the HP World, however...
However, I saw something funny in the news of Harry Potter today.
It was reported in ComingSoon, that the mighty M. Night Shyamalan is a possibility in directing a future HP film.
Ok, for those of you that don't know who Shyamalan is? WHAT the heck is wrong with you!!!??
That's all that can be said about that.--sickos
Anyhow, here's the report:
Director M. Night Shyamalan has said he is open to the possibility of working on one of the remaining ‘Harry Potter’ films.
Shyalaman is currently promoting his new film ‘The Lady In The Water’ but revealed to Coming Soon that a Potter film was on the card.
He said: "You know, that Harry Potter dance has gone on a long time. The problem is that it is a living breathing thing now, all by itself. When it comes over to my camp, it needs to be kind of handed over, adoption papers and everything. That's a tricky move."
"I haven't met with J.K. The first one was offered to me, but that conflicted with ‘Unbreakable’, which was unfortunate. I would definitely, but I think probably before that I would adapt a book. I've gotten close a few times to adapting books,"
Could he be adapting a book that is not even written yet?

Course, PLEASE take this as the joke it probably is. However, to those of us Shymalan fans, Wouldn't it just be GREAT!!??

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