Saturday, July 01, 2006

Frivolous Lawsuits Beware!!
I don't know if lawyers are so happy to sue in every country, or if they all just move the the U.S., but apparently there are at least a few in Canada. One judge decided not in his courtroom. A judge in Ontario, just ordered the band Wyrd Sisters to pay $140,000. in legal costs to Warner Brothers for lawsuit originally brought forth in 2005.
Originally the band sued the Wb in 2005 for $40-million, claiming it stole its name. The movie producers had offered the band $50,000 to share the name. The Wyrd Sisters refused, choosing to take the company to court.
The band had attempted to stop the fourth HP movie from being released there in Canada, because of a scene featuring a pretend band with a similar name.
The group had already put out pleas and appealed to fans and anyone who would listen, to donate money to them to help with their lawsuit. Coming up with WB's legal fees should be fun!
Lesson to be learned here?
Don't be greedy!!!

**From National Post

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