Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Watson trades her broomstick for a Hockey stick
Emma Watson attended the Oxford's first International Young Women's Hockey Festival over the past weekend. She not only attended, but became a member of the Rover Sports Oxford hockey team.
The matches were played at the new Oxford University Sports Centre. The girls also enjoyed a disco, ice-skating and a reception hosted by Jim Campbell, the Sheriff of Oxford, at the Town Hall.
One of the organisers, Oxford City Council's international officer May Wylie, said: "We have been looking at hosting more events and thought hockey was a great sport we could focus on. All of the girls stayed with local host families."

The hockey festival was abandoned with just one match to go on Sunday, because of a hailstorm. Unfortunately, the Rovers' were not named the victors, but hope Ms. Watson as well as everyone else attending had lots of fun.
**This from This is Oxford

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