Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sometimes it's good to be predictable
Sometimes not. Take it how you like.
WB is on the warpath again, charging Bajaj Auto Ltd (India's largest two and three-wheeler maker ), with plagarism.
It's a charge of copyright violation for using a Harry Potter lookalike model in the advertisements for its bike Discover.
Sources told The Times of India that Warner Brothers has issued a legal notice to Bajaj Auto for using its Harry Potter franchise without permission. The company, however, termed it a misinterpretation saying its character - Jadoo - is independent of the popular wizard boy from the West.
They're response?
"The West feels that anyone in a red bikini is Baywatch and any flying boy is Harry Potter. Our concept of Jadoo is unique and we don't believe it's copied from Harry Potter," a company official said. "We feel the claim is exaggerated."

Ok, we all know certain companies are sue happy, but on the side of fairness; this company has also been facing copycat issues with their Chinese rivals.
So? Take it how you like. At least most sites and 13 year olds are safe online nowadays.
**The Economic Times

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