Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What Other Directors Would Do With a Harry Potter Film have an amusing item quoting other film Directors, and what they would do when making a Harry Potter film. You can read the article for yourself if you click here, but to quote just a couple -

Sam Mendes ("Jarhead"): "The pressure of those books is so huge, you know? Following someone else who's already directed the visual language of it doesn't really allow you much freedom to express what it is that's your vision. So would I consider it? Not really."

Samuel Bayer ("Green Day: Bullet in a Bible"): "I'd put the kids in a time capsule and freeze them so they don't get any older."

Chris Stokes ("You Got Served"): "I'd make them a lot scarier, like a 'Jurassic Park'-type movie."

And my personal favourite -

Gregg Araki ("Mysterious Skin"): "Harry who?"

He's joking! Right?