Saturday, November 19, 2005

Snape the 'Professors' Professor'
An article written at MSNBC by one Beth Ellis, shows how Professor Snape can quite easily be the envy of all professors. Why? Why else? From everything between from his evil glares, to his rough abuse. Surely, every University professor has wished to do such things and more to their unruly students. Her piece is both refreshing, and hilarous. Written from a professors' point of view (as she is). Read below for a small bit:
Snape does not suffer student excuses lightly. As opposed to me, who last semester nodded in sympathy when a student called to announce that he could not turn in his final paper because, quote, “there was a homicide at my apartment complex and the police aren’t letting anybody in or out.” Snape would not nod. Snape would want the crime scene photos for the yearbook.

Teachers who brood rarely receive repeat customers on Parent-Teacher Conference night (“Your Billy is a full-blown moron, I’m afraid, and deserves nothing less than spontaneous combustion … are you crying? Fifty points from Gryffindor!”) I doubt Snape has many visitors during office hours, and that … is totally okay with him. More time to sharpen the kitten-poking sticks.

To read this highly entertaining article, check it out HERE.
**Thanks to Sandie on this.