Saturday, November 19, 2005

Opening Day
So far, only estimates can be given (till Monday), but so far, it appears that the latest Harry Potter film, The Goblet of Fire, has made approximately $36,385,000. on opening day. Not bad by any account.
The previous opening weekends were as follows:
The Philosophers' (Sorcerer's outside the UK) Stone: $90,294,621 (US)
--$658,900,000 Worldwide Total Gross
The Chamber of Secrets: $88,357,488 (US)
The Prisoner of Azkaban: $93,687,367 (US)
The figures, I find rather amusing, as with each Potter movie that's released, the last one usually gets trashed or ripped apart. In and for the Director that is. However, according to the results and numbers, the first was the most popular of the first three.
As I'm an impartial person just reporting the news, I won't say how I found the third movie not up to standards and actually came close to downright disliking it (What with the lack of very important info left out from the books); and still love the first movie best (even if the second did have Jason Isaacs in it).
Here's to hoping for a record!! Keep watching for more on Opening Weekend Totals.
Now for any of you have seen it, feel free to join in discussion at Magical Menagerie. An Awesome Harry Potter community and MB. ;)
For any who haven't? WHAT are you waiting for???