Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Small piece with Katie Leung
There was a small piece from Katie Leung in Good Housekeeping, found by L' Univers de Harry Potter.
Katie Leung, 18, plays Cho Chang in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She lives in Scotland with her family. "When I was in my early teens, I wasn’t very confident. In fact, before getting the part in the film, I’d say I was shy, especially at school. I’d never acted before, but being in front of the camera has really brought me out of myself. I think confidence comes with age. You have to be able to interact with lots of different people as you grow up and that’s something I learned to do very quickly being on a film set. Many of the people I work with are quite a bit older than me, but I’ve found that differences in age don’t mean that you can’t be friends with someone. I’m really enjoying being the age I am now. Younger people always look forward to being 18 - it’s a time when you have real freedom for the first time to go out and enjoy yourself and be totally independent. Having said that, I’m looking forward to maturing a bit. Like most people, I found my early teens frustrating at times. You’re trying to discover who you are but your Mum or Dad are also trying to guide you. Looking different from most of the people at school never caused me any problems. Still, I never expected the hate sites that popped up on the internet after I got the part in the film. I couldn’t understand why people were so angry - a lot of the messages were from Jealous girls who didn’t like the fact that I play Harry’s love interest in the film and some of them did bring my ethnicity into it. I’m very proud about how strong I’ve been over it, though, and it has actually motivated me to try even harder and become even more successful. I don’t think about my looks too much, but maybe that’s because I’m still so young. Luckily I don’t have to work at my figure but I’m aware that’s probably because of my age. I’m not naive though, I know that if I start to put on weight as I get older, I’ll definitely work hard to get rid of it because I won’t be happy. I’m very close to my grandparents. We’ve always got on brilliantly and they’re more like friends than grandparents, despite the age difference. I hope I can be like that when I’m their age."

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