Tuesday, August 16, 2005

HP Contest
This is one for those living within the States, and particularly Deleware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. You also must be under the age of 18, and sign up for a FREE account under the News Journal to enter. Here's a basic of what it looks like. It's 50 questions long, and made to see 'Who knows the most' on HP by one of their writers. The prize is a $100.00 card at Borders. The contest runs from August 16th, through August 31st. And there can be only one entry PER email address. ;)
Alrighty, that's most of it for those able to enter. For a detailed bit on the Rules, go HERE.
AND, once you've registered, go HERE for the actual page of contest. Just answer the questions best you can, and hit Submit at the bottom of the page. Good luck to any entering.

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