Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Harry Potter Helps Encourage Young Artists
Harry Potter has new fans in Ahmedabad. They have not limited themselves to buying Potter books.
They are young artists who paint Potter and the characters the book carries and have recently arranged an exhibition of paintings at an art gallery in Navrangpura in the city. Four young artists, encouraged by their teacher, carried this novel idea to depict various moods of Harry Potter as well as the other characters from the series the children aged between seven and nine read Harry Potter books and watched movies filmed on them.
Starting their paintings, Nirali Shah, the children’s’ trainer, inspired the children. “My idea was that they should read Potters’ book and notice all the details about Harry Potter’s characters. We saw all the movies, which helped in enhancing the creativity levels,” says Nirali. The children, after having their interactive sessions and rounds of discussions with other classmates and the trainer, worked with colours on canvas and has so far made 20 paintings. And they have enjoyed the experience. The children, all die hard fans of the boy wizard, say they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and strived to carry out this whole idea through their personal imagination. “If we do good, we can become good artists when we grow up,” says Muskaan, a child artist.
Impressed with these siblings’ creations many reknowned schools have asked them to exhibit the works in their schools.
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