Friday, April 22, 2005

The Trial of Severus Snape
It's true, and it's happening at the Accio conference in Reading.
Here's what their site said about the 'trial':
We hereby announce that The Accio Grand Jury will be convened on the evening of Friday 29th July 2005.
The Grand Jury will consist of all Accio delegates, and will be given the solemn duty of trying, in absentia, one Severus Snape, Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, for alleged criminal activity
The ChargesThe charges on which the aforementioned Severus Snape will be tried are hereby set down:
1. That the accused did, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, combine with others to support the most bloody, abominable and beastly cause of the notorious, prescribed and avowed traitor Thomas Marvolo Riddle, sometime called Lord Voldemort.

(Basically, this means that the greasy git ganged up with You Know Who and his mates)
2. That the accused did, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, voluntarily accept membership within a prescribed and illegal organization, vulgarly termed "the Death Eaters";

(the slime ball joined the Death Eaters as well)
3. That the accused, feloniously, treasonously and with malice aforethought, continues as a member in the said illegal organization.

(AND he never left!)
4. That the accused has on divers occasions and under the guise of lawful chastisement committed assault and battery on minors in respect of whom he was in loco parentis, such assault and battery being occasioned by divers magical and physical means, and resulting in perceptible physical and psychological harm to the said minors.

(Severus Snape is a great bullying git who picks on the children he's supposed to be taking care of)
To successfully try Severus Snape the Accio team needs you! We would therefore like to cordially extend an invitation to all of our attendees to participate as follows:
To put forward an argument either for or against one or more of the aforementioned charges, please e-mail either or Your argument may be used in court and duly credited in the proceedings, or you may be asked to appear as an expert witness during the trial.
If you are interested in participating, or have any questions for us, please contact us at one of the above addresses or
Whatever your level of involvement, we anticipate that this will be a highly charged but fun evening for all participants!

**Thanks to Wizard News on this

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