Friday, April 22, 2005

Tom's Update (blog)
Tom is just now updating a blog entry, which includes some info on his attendance of CollectorMania. Below is what he wrote:
I know it's been ages since I've done an autographs signing but I'm back!! I am doing a day's signing on SATURDAY 30 APRIL - for further information go to and see the latest news. For those people who have never been to a Collectormania session be prepared for a real crowd!! Lots of people are there to give autographs - £15 each for a signed photo. I am only allowed to sign photos bought at the event and nothing else so please don't ask me to sign bags, mobiles, arms, legs or anything else!! I can only sign the photos/posters sold at the show. If it is the same as 2 years ago, you get a numbered ticket and come back to the desk when your number comes up on the screen but make sure you get there in the morning as I have to go about 4:00pm.
Life has been ok since we last wrote to you on the blog. I went to America in January to see our old fishing friends and I went again to Florida in March for a family holiday. There were 8 of us who went and we hired a nice house and had a good time. We went to play golf and when we got back to the car, someone joked that there was an alligator behind me in the car park and I thought they were messing about but when I looked there it was! I wasn't sure it was real but when I said that to my brother Chris, the gator's head moved and Chris said 'Trust me bruv, it's real'. I've seen how fast they can move but luckily he wasn't hungry!!
I bought some really good clothes like I do when I go to the States. I love clothes and trainers so my wardrobe is full again! I bought some cool shoes for my brother Jonathan who couldn't go to the States and some nice pictures for my mum which she really liked of garden scenes.
Thanks to everyone for the constant fan mail and presents! I really appreciate them all and hope you get answers and a free photo back from us. Hope your life is OK - got some new photos for you which I hope you like.
Love Tom x

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