Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Too Bad
Tuesday, February 15, 2005Ouch!
Hi everyoneWhat a great Valentines day I had.....Loads of cards and emails wishing me a good day......Had a nice relaxing day.....Went out in the evening for a bike ride with my friend John.....Fell off my bike.....And I have fractured my wrist....John said nobody was near me when I fell....But I'm sure I was pushed....And I bet it was one of Harry or Ron's friends ;-) It was my left wrist....So I will still have to do my school work :-(Just to clear up a point in my last post....I will not be staying on at school....But I will still be attending college for the Car Mechanics, Painting and Decorating and Building courses that I attend on day release now.

So sorry to hear this Jamie. Next time, at least be sure to fall on the 'other' side in order to get out of any possible chores and school work! ;)

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