Monday, February 14, 2005

New FAQs at Devons
New to the Devon Murray site, is his FAQ. Ok, maybe not AS new, as it went out starting the 8th, but this reporter's been a might busy, so please forgive. Here's what his list says currently:
Q: Are You going out with Bonnie Wright

A: No I am not going out with Bonnie.She is a good friend & we happened to have some Photos taken together at The New York Premier.Thats all.

A: NO I do not smoke!!! I am a horserider & as most people know, That is a tough Dicipline. I NEVER answered this question before because I thought that there were SOME people out there who were not so SAD that they believe EVERYTHING they hear!!! Anyway, Officially...On my Own Website.... The answer is NO!!! I DONT SMOKE!!!...
Q: Can You get me a part in the Movie

A: Sorry guys, All cast members have to audition in the same way! I have no influence whatsoever!
Q: Do you really read all your fanmail & all the posts on your guestbook etc?

A: Yes...Absolutely. When you guys take the time to write why shouldnt I have the good manners to read them!!!
Q: Can I have your phone no./ E-mail address etc...

A: Sorry, I cannot give out personal number or details etc. But you can always contact me via the website, snail mail etc.
Q: What height are you?

A: At the moment I am 5' 3'' Still growing but rather slowly...
Q: What religion are you?

A: I am Roman Catholic.
Q: Can I have a signed Photo?

A: Yes... Everyone who writes to me via snail mail will receive a signed Photo.
Q: Will you be my Pen Pal?

A: Sorry guys.. As much as I'd love to write letters back and forth I just wouldnt have the time!
Q: What football team do you support?

A: I am a "Manchester United" supporter as are my Dad & Grandad.
Q: What kind of music do you like?

A: I like "Dance", "Rap" & some Irish music eg. "Christy Moore"
Q: What's your favourite Colour?

A: My fav colour is Blue.
Q: Do you have a girlfriend?

A: No I dont have a girlfriend but a lot of my friends are girls.

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