Friday, November 19, 2004

What's all the buzz?
Just wanting to let everyone know, that while writer Michael Goldenberg has been confirmed to be joining David Heyman in writing the next Harry Potter movie, we still have yet a director. And while names like Nair and Jeunet were thrown around, neither seems to be in the mix now. The current one, and one that actually seems might happen, would be David Yates. Another British director, who has recently been approached by WB. So far his only big screen piece was the 1988,
'The Tichborne Claimant'. But he's done quite a bit in television, including the prize-winning dramas that include "The Way We Live Now" and miniseries "State of Play."
Now, nothing is positive yet, as he has not Actually signed for it yet, however it's been said that a decision will be made likely by next week.
Just a little FYI. ;)

This from Variety.

**Update. Many fan sites going loopy over trying to figure out if Yates IS the new director or not. Others claiming to have spoken directly with the powers that be that Would know. Some just not sure.
Which leads to the question.
WHY is this bit of news ALL important? One can only gather people have nothing better to do than hound those in charge of rumors at WB and other newspaper columns.

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