Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Update from Tom
Tom has updated his blog again. And in his most recent of entries, goes to prove his 'Slytherin side' is just for show.
This is what he had to say:

LONDON - NOVEMBER 27th (next week!!) at the Chelsea Football Club, Stamford St London We start at 10am and will probably be there all morning. See previous blog for further details.
COLOGNE, KOLN, DECEMBER 18TH Eine gute Nachricht an alle meine deutschen Fans! Ich werde am 18 ezember 2004 in Koeln im Hyatt Regecny bHotel sein Ab.10.00 Urh morgens gebe ich Euch Autogramme. Ich freue mich auf Euch! Bis dahin veile Gruesse
Best bit of news - I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!! I had to go miles to take it as there was nowhere local to do it but I'm in the wheels - best thing is that it gives you such independence. You don't have to wait for trains or buses - you can just do your own thing!! I just love my car so much. BMW's are the best - we have 3 in the family and we wouldn't go anywhere else.
A big sorry to the girls who apparently were waiting outside the London DVD launch - I didn't know you were there so sorry!! If you write in to the Fan Club and tell me exactly where you were waiting so that I know you are genuine, I'll send out a brand new poster to you with my best wishes.
HEATHER DAVIS - AN ENOURMOUS THANK YOU!! This lady got together loads and loads of people to send her birthday wishes for me and it all arrived in a HUGE BOX. The drawings are amazing and the presents and lovely letters - I didn't know so many people cared about me. I will send you the $80 postage and will try and get a personalised Christmas photo to all the girls who wrote in. Thank you so much.
That's all for now. have a good week - stay healthy.
Love Tom x

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