Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Daniel's Christmas Card
It's that time again! Christmas is coming up, and in celebration of the holidays, Daniel Radcliffe is sending out his 'editted' version of a picture taken from the Second Task in The Goblet of Fire. Or course, while everyone else is wearing antlers and Rudolf noses, you'll notice Dan isn't. ;) Obviously making Him the creator of this manipulated picture. :)
This picture will be the Christmas Cards he will be sending out to anyone who writes between now and the end of December. And he had this to say:

Please find enclosed the Christmas card I will be sending this year. It was taken on the last day of filming the underwater task, 20 feet down in the tank which was specially constructed at Leavesden Studios. This is one of my favourite photos, which I wanted to share with you. Every single person you see, trained, helped and guided me through this very demanding sequence. I have obviously taken a few liberties with the photo to give it a festive flavour! This card will be sent in response to all letters I receive between now and the end of December.

Again, he is also making another plea, that instead of sending him gifts and presents, which he says he has No more room for to store, to please send a donation, no matter how big or small (as it all counts and adds up) to his favorite charity.
The Demelza House.

Thanks to DanRadcliffe.com for this.

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