Thursday, November 18, 2004

Tom Updates his blog again
Tom is trying to make sure all his faithful fans will get the chance to see him, this time on the television. He also had a few words on the DVD launch of PoA tonight. He had this to write:
If you want to see me on tv..
I'm on This Morning with Philip Schofield this FRIDAY 19th November. I hope it's not too early because we will be in London for the DVD Launch of The Prisoner of Azkaban on Thursday night (18th) - looks like it will be a really good event with the Knight bus there and loads of people from Harry Potter.
We went to see Jesus Christ Superstar last night at a local theatre with family and a friend who is doing drama at a local theatre school on Saturdays. One of the things I found hard to accept was that you can have 1 character who is a disciple one minute and has changed in the second half to Herod - how can you have 1 person who is a friend in the first half and an enemy in the second half!! Not like films where you keep the same part throughout - it would be a bit weird if I changed character half way through into someone who was a goody character - wouldn't really be the same would it? But that's one of the differences I suppose between theatre and films. Not something I would have chosen to go to really but it was a good production.
We went to an Italian restaurant before the show but it didn't do pizzas - how can you have an Italian restuarant that doesn't do pizzas?? I didn't like any of the food on offer as it was too fancy for me so I starved and stocked up on the sweet shop at the theatre and waited til I got home to eat!
I did a bit of sport over the week-end - actually played tennis & badminton. I'm naturally quite competitive which makes it more interesting for me. Also did some more driving and had a good lesson which lasted about 3 hours. It's so weird getting out of the car and then getting on my bike to go and see friends with the car just sitting on my driveway! hopefully it won't be too long before I can drive. Have you ever tried to book a test in this country - you have to wait for months unless you are prepared to travel quite a way if you get a cancellation. My brother failed his test and he has to wait 3 months to get a test in the place where he lives. That' all in my life at the moment. Do you like the new photo?
See you soon.
Love Tom x

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