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Interview with the Trio has posted a transcript on an interview in the DVD of the trio.
Here's what they had to say.
INTERVIEWER: I understand that Alfonso had you each write an essay. What was that all about?
RUPERT GRINT: Actually I didn’t.
INTERVIEWER: True to character. You didn’t hand in your homework?
RUPERT GRINT: No, I didn’t do it.
EMMA WATSON: Basically Alfonso asked us to write an essay about who we thought our characters were, why they did the things they do. Their backgrounds, their feelings, their thoughts, how they’ve changed in the first year of Hogwarts, and the second year of Hogwarts. And now they’re into the third year, how they feel.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I felt really so pleased with myself. Rupert hadn’t handed his in and I felt so pleased because I’d done mine, on side of A4, and handed it in. And the next day Emma comes in with all 16 pages of hers!
INTERVIEWER: It’s frighteningly good casting, really, the way you’ve all reacted to this.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: We just got a chance to explore the characters slightly more because they’re growing up, basically. It’s true to the characters, as it’s all in the books.
INTERVIEWER: What is the first thing that typically fans do when they see you in public?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It kind of starts off with sort of double takes at first. I think there’s almost this theory that we can’t actually go out in public so it must just be somebody who looks like us. But, I mean, that’s kind of a myth. We do actually go out.
EMMA WATSON: Yes, I was in a shop the other day and this woman who was working there comes up and goes, ha-ha-ha, it’s so funny, you look exactly like the girl who plays Hermione. And I say, that’s because I am.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: I have to travel in the handbags so the girls won’t get me. You know what they say. Once you’ve gone out with a shrunken head, you never go back.
INTERVIEWER: You see where your mouth has come unstitched. That could easily be re-stitched.
INTERVIEWER: What is the most ridiculous thing that, that a fan has ever said to you?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I’ve had proposals of marriage.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I had one, which was bizarre. It was terrifying.
EMMA WATSON: At the premiere. It was, “Dan, marry me.”
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes, it was the weirdest one. It was this big sign. And then the other one was the Towel Girl.
INTERVIEWER: The Towel Girl.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: The Towel Girl. She’s a legend.
INTERVIEWER: And what did the Towel Girl do?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I was doing MTV in New York. And it was freezing cold out. I mean, it’s not like it was a warm summer’s day. It was so cold. And I got up and they took me over to the window. And there was a girl standing down there wearing nothing but a Harry Potter towel with a sign that said. It doesn’t get much better than this.
INTERVIEWER: That’s so flattering.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: With another sign that says, “Nothing comes between me and Harry Potter”. It was great.
INTERVIEWER: In the movie, you encounter a Boggart who transforms itself into your worst fear. If you individually encountered Boggarts, what do you think they’d be?
RUPERT GRINT: I’m actually really scared of spiders. I hate spiders. Just like Ron, really.
INTERVIEWER: What do you think the other two would morph into?
RUPERT GRINT: You always said that I was like a frog.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I didn’t say you were like a frog.
RUPERT GRINT: You did in one of the pictures.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: That was during my horrible phase. I don’t know Rupert. What would you like to be? You like camels.
RUPERT GRINT: Camels are quite cool.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: So he can be a camel.
INTERVIEWER: It’s a handy thing to be, you know. You can go a long time without water.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I have absolutely no idea about what Emma would be.
INTERVIEWER: Throw one in.
EMMA WATSON: Yes, come on, Dan. No pressure or anything.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: Hey. How about a potato head? A platypus.
INTERVIEWER: What do you think he’d be?
EMMA WATSON: I know he has a real thing for werewolves.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: No, just wolves.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I convinced you that I was a werewolf.
RUPERT GRINT: He did, yes.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I told him I was a werewolf.
RUPERT GRINT: And I believed you as well.
INTERVIEWER: You couldn’t have done really.
RUPERT GRINT: Oh, I did, yes.
INTERVIEWER: Boys, you are probably the most famous under 16-year-olds on this Earth. All those girls, it must be a glorious time.
EMMA WATSON: Plenty of towel girls.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes. Many, many towel girls. It’s great. It’s very cool. Yes.
INTERVIEWER: What are the things you’d like to be able to do that you can do in Harry Potter that you can’t do in the real world?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I think I’d like the invisibility cloak because then I could just sneak into so many rock concerts. It’d be great.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: You don’t need a cloak to sneak into concerts. Just roll in under the turnstile like I do.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: But I do have a favourite band.
INTERVIEWER: Okay. What’s your favourite band?
SHRUNKEN HEAD: Isn’t it obvious? Talking Heads. You walked into that one.
INTERVIEWER: When a new Harry Potter book comes out, having started out as Harry Potter book fans, it must have really changed the way you read these books now.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: You do kind of start to look at it as in, oh, my God; I’ll be doing this soon.
INTERVIEWER: So for you it’s not a book, it’s a list of things to do.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: Yes. I read the fourth book as we started the first film. At the Yule Ball I remember Rupert and me were like oh, my God we’re wearing dresses.
INTERVIEWER: Did you have a similar moment when you read that?
RUPERT GRINT: Definitely. I was scared.
INTERVIEWER: But when you were looking at it thinking that’s another two weeks in blue skirts, did it sort of ruin or heighten your enjoyment of the book?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: I think for me it heightens it because I’m actually going to get to do this. There are kids all over the world dreaming of this stuff.
INTERVIEWER: You’re living a dream?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: And I’m actually going to be able to do it. It’s fantastic.
INTERVIEWER: What about you?
SHRUNKEN HEAD: Don’t you think I’d be a great Harry Potter?
INTERVIEWER: Especially when it comes to waving a wand.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: I hadn’t thought of that.
EMMA WATSON: Now that I’ve done the film, when I’m reading the book, I can see Dan, Rupert and I actually doing it. It’s really funny. I have this little picture in my head.
INTERVIEWER: That’s me, done. So now it’s time to turn to the Head and ask him to ask you his one question.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: Daniel, isn’t our scene together the highlight of the film? Don’t you think it’s head and shoulders above the rest?
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It’s the Knight Bus scene, isn’t it? I just remember you got on set and you were making all the demands actually.
EMMA WATSON: He wouldn’t come out of his trailer for hours.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: I don’t remember that.
DANIEL RADCLIFFE: It was a great scene. A very good scene.
SHRUNKEN HEAD: Come on, Daniel. I’m the most talented shrunken head in the Screen Actor’s Guild. In fact, I’m the only talking shrunken head in the Guild.

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