Monday, November 01, 2004

About Pirated DVDs
This is a bit of news to any who think they've gotten one up on the film industry, by buying an illegally copied DVD.
From This is London, a bust that was made a bit ago in England, which stopped an operation that sold 400,000 copies of blockbusters including: Lord Of The Rings, Spider-Man, and the Harry Potter movies, making about 3 million pounds in less than two years.
But customers who snapped up the latest films were unwittingly pouring money into the coffers of organised crime gangs in the Far East who supplied the DVDs. The customers were also unaware they were buying discs that would ruin their DVD players after just four or five plays.
"Consumers thought they were getting a great deal. It's hard to resist a market stall selling the latest films for bargain prices. But in reality they were funding crime on a grand scale. The discs they were buying were copied CD-roms which quickly wreck conventional DVD players by interfering with their laser readers."
Far from being a victimless crime, he said, piracy is " inextricably linked" to drug dealing, gun running and people trafficking. "The cash from these businesses is invested in other illegal enterprises. People might think they are doing no harm by buying a dodgy DVD from a bloke in a pub or on a market stall, but they are putting money in the pockets of organised crime gangs."

**So to those who buy such DVDs, be aware not only is it illegal, nowadays it will also damage your players. And try and think about Where this money goes to and into before another is bought.

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