Monday, October 25, 2004

Up for a good laugh?
Then Jamie Waylett's site is the one for you!! Here's put up on his diary page, what he said '10 Emails that made me smile, but never got a reply'.

1/ Why do you have a website when nobody will ever go on it?
2/ I was talking with Dan last night and he wanted me to ring him back today, but I've lost Dan's phone number, can you give it to me please?
3/ I want to send Emma a birthday card, can you give me her home address?
4/ My daughter thinks you are great, please send her an autographed picture dedicated "to THOMAS, lots of love Jamie"
5/ Dear Jamie, I would like four tickets for the premiere of the Goblet of Fire, with seats as near to Emma Watson as possible please.
6/ You are a liar, Dan and Emma are going out together, I spoke to Emma's friend in a chat room last night and she knows them better than you do!
7/ Have you ever met Tom Felton?
8/ I love how you play the part of "Goyle".
9/ Your website is really fantastic, would you like me to redesign it for you?
10/ I collect autographs so I will let you send me one!

Thanks Jamie!

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