Sunday, October 24, 2004

Devon's update
Devon Murray seems to've been having troubles with his computer lately, why the lack of his updates. But has written in now on how he's doing, and how filming's going for The Goblet of Fire. Check it out!
Events on October, 24th 2004!
Hi Again Hi Guys, Well, I\'ve been really busy since I last talked to you!Myself,James & Olver Phelps, Jamie Waylett & Mattew Lewis had great fun at the collectormania event in Milon Keynes.I also met up with my great friend Daniel Logan & we got to hang out togther again.On the following Monday Daniel flew over to Ireland with me & we had a great week together,going go-karting,playing golf,motorcross biking,looking after the horses etc.Then it was back to the studio for me & over to Rome for Daniel.We hooked up again in Eindhoven in Holland at the weekend & Jamie was with us.We all had a great time but it was back to work on Monday morning for Jamie & me.We are working on the Geat Hall scenes all this month & they are always intense because of the amount of people involved but I thik it\'s always worth it when we see the finished results! Well, Just to let you all know, I ALWAYS read all your comments & your letters so thank you all so much for your time. To babydoll- I was very sad to hear that your grandfather has died.I\'ve lost both a grandma & a grandfather whom I loved dearly so I understand your loss.You have my deepest sympathy & that of my parents. To Angela,Thank you very much for your present,it\'s really great!!! Thank you all for the birthday cards & good wishes. you are all so kind!!! By he way, I have never been on \"Teen Nick\" & dont have a nikname.I have also never visited any chatrooms so please dont believe those who say that they are me & insult people for no reason!!!As you can tell, I barely get time to check in on my own website!!! One last thing, I will not answer ANY personal questions regarding rumours that go round about me beause that only adds to them. Well, gotta go now, Talk soon, Your Friend, Devon.

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